Meet Our Team

Owner of Sherlock's Escapes

Matthew Rothwell

Matt is our owner and lead game master here at Sherlock’s Escapes. When he isn’t leading detectives on the case, he can be found developing new puzzles and games, or playing some Ultimate Frisbee. Originally from Toronto, Matt opened up Sherlock’s in 2016 after spending a decade of working in the Canadian Parks. He’s always got a smile on his face and strives to give the best experience possible to his detectives.

Staff at Sherlock's Escapes

Avidan Waldman

Avi is our Operations Officer and Financial Officer, or better known as the glue that binds our agency. He keeps our rooms and games running while also ensuring that the business and our staff are well taken care of. When not at the escape room, Avi can be found walking his dog in Doug Fluhrer park or enjoying some trivia on weeknights. He is an avid cyclist who actively promotes active transportation in Kingston through his work with the Kingston Coalition for Active Transport (KCAT).