Meet Our Team

Owner of Sherlock's Escapes

Matthew Rothwell

Position: Director of Games
Favourite thing about escape rooms: The ah-HA moments, and watching how people/groups respond when these happen.
Currently solving: Teaching a baby that just because it can go in your mouth doesn’t mean it should go in your mouth.

About me: Previously a wilderness instructor/guide in the Canadian wilderness and abroad, Matt has always had a passion for games and puzzles.  Doesn’t mean he is good at them; but he has played a 1.5 year game of Risk, will play nearly any sport, and could occasionally be found at the open board game nights at Minotaur and Nexus prior to COVID.  Graduated from Phys Ed and History at Queen’s back in…. well we won’t say… he couldn’t have been happier to return to Kingston to start a family.

Brent-Clifford Gorrie

Position: Operations Manager
Favourite thing about escape rooms: Unraveling the secrets of the universe with close friends
Currently solving: What happened to his hairline

About me: B.C. is the operations manager of Sherlock’s Escapes. He believes that everything can, and should, always be improving and he never stops striving to make things better. Rarely ever seen being serious, he is known to always be telling some joke or hilarious story to try and make people laugh. When all is said and done, B.C. likes to unwind at the end of the day by daydreaming about the fall of capitalism. His mom thinks that he is a handsome young man.

Daniel Snider

Position: Marketing Coordinator
Favorite thing about escape rooms: the feeling of hope/despair after getting a time-check.
Currently solving: The mysterious disappearance of his login passwords.

About me: A recent grad of St. Lawrence College, Daniel is our in-house graphic designer and marketing coordinator. Daniel also assists in building, repairing, and running our escape rooms.When he isn’t working on a case, he enjoys spending his time hiking, painting, screaming into the abyss, petting dogs, and writing music.

Zach Goth

Description coming soon!

Anna Villeneuve

Position: Room Host
Favorite thing about escape rooms: Getting immersed in another world.
Currently solving: What will I do with a degree in theatre?

Megan Lawrence

Description coming soon!

Matilda Eklund

Position: Room Host
Favourite thing about escape rooms: Seeing all the puzzles come together at the end
Currently solving: How to cook something other than spaghetti

James Hyett

Position: Room Host
Favourite thing about escape rooms: They’re like jokes that you can live in!
Currently solving: How to stop my cat from eating my microphone

Zainab Hassan

Position: Room Host
Favourite thing about escape rooms: the absolute rush of power when completing one
Mystery currently solving/Greatest mystery solved: how to fit 8 hours of sleep in 5 hours

Nolan Armstrong

Position: Room Host
Favorite thing about escape rooms: Finding new ways to hate your friends, family and yourself
Currently solving: The spontaneous disappearance of my glasses (spoiler alert: they were on my face the whole time)