Birthdays at Sherlock's Escapes!

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  • This experience takes places in “A Culinary Pursuit”
  • 4 – 10 people (includes 1 adult*)
  • 1.5 hours to do the Escape Room!
  • 1 hour party time in the escape room afterwards
  • Bring your own food, snacks, etc.

The Case

Your child’s name here is clever, loves puzzles, and has a birthday coming up! This year, why not throw the most stimulating, and adrenaline-packed Birthday Party to date for your junior detective.

About the Experience

While an escape room is a great birthday party event, the BEST part is the laughing and chatting about each stage of the game afterwards. In addition to an extra 30 minutes in the escape room, you get to stay in “Irene’s Kitchen” and keep the thrill of the game alive with an hour long party. Our staff can help you transform the room into a birthday zone with your food and decor. Don’t forget the plates, cutlery, napkins and cups! Cake, pizza, drinks, candles… all of this adds to the elation of escaping A Culinary Pursuit!

Call or Email today, to inquire about availability and price!

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*While the case of “A Culinary Pursuit” has been solved by groups that are solely under the age of 12, history has shown that the optimal experience has at least one adult present in the room. As a result, we request adult supervision (and participation!) for this experience.