Are you still running escape rooms?

Yes! Although all of the experiences that we are currently providing are “physical distancing” approved. You play at home, and still manage to get your social engagement in.

What are my options?

We have a case file we will deliver to your door or mail to you called A Cavernous Caper. We also have a variety of Virtual Escape Rooms to offer you. For more information click here.

I have played your newest games now... do you have anything else in the works?

Most definitely! We will be working to develop a new virtual escape room roughly every 2 weeks or so. Additionally, we are almost ready to deliver a new virtual murder mystery complete with 8 live actors over Zoom.

How can we help support Sherlock's Escapes?

Traditional marketing has shifted. More than anything we are realizing that the strength of our loyal supporters is getting us through these tough times. In fact, we have already managed to hire back on some of our old staff. Please please please, share these experiences with your family and friends. You know they need a little fun in their lives, they just need to know about it.