Is your clever kiddo tickled by puzzles? Do they love word games? Do they pretend to be a spy and “sleuth” their way through the house?

This year, why not throw the most stimulating and adrenaline-packed Birthday Party to date for your budding Sherlock Holmes!

Our Culinary Pursuit Escape Room is the ideal experience for a birthday party. As you escape from each inner room, the excitement and adrenaline builds as the timer ticks by the seconds and minutes!

The BEST part of doing an escape room is laughing and chatting about each stage of the game, and comparing notes about who did what and why! Stay in our “Irene’s Kitchen” for this part of the fun, and keep the thrill of the game alive!  Our staff can set up the room with food and decor provided by your good selves. Cake, pizza, drinks, candles…all of this adds to the elation of escaping A Culinary Pursuit!