A Chocolatier’s Eggxoneration

  • A unique and interactive game you play from home!
  • 3-10 players (4-6 players recommended)
  • Game link and documents are sent to the provided email address and can be forwarded to your group.
  • 70 minute experience
  • Internet connection required
  • Mention of murder so not 100% family friendly
  • Give it as a gift (by providing their email address) or take the case on yourself!
  • Live hosting of this experience is available pending a room host is available when you want to play.  Email info@sherlockescape.com

Cost: $20 CAD + HST per game

The Story

One day last week, two women came into your office to hire you to investigate some worries they have about their fellow business partners at their company, where they are two of five founders. But before long, this simple case of distrust among friends soon turns into a man dead and a woman missing!

When you show up at the crime scene you find yourself locked in and even worse, you find yourself as the main suspect of the murder and the missing woman! Can you find the real murderer before the police arrest you for someone else’s crimes, figure out where the missing woman is and escape this crime scene?

About the Experience

This is a unique experience played through an interactive website. This allows you to play from the comfort of your own home. Upon purchasing this experience, you will be asked for your email address that you wish to receive the game at. Within 24 hours, you will receive the game link and documents that you can use to play whenever. This game is 60 minutes long and can only be played once using the same game link, so do not start the game until you have gathered your family and friends (or solo if desired). A zoom link is not provided so you must determine whether you are using zoom, Skype, Google etc on your own.