Play From Home

Cases you can work on and help us solve with friends, family, and colleagues from all over the world. Our virtual cases and unsolved mysteries are sure to test your sleuthing skills from the comfort of your home!


These escape rooms play like an interactive radio drama over Zoom. You and your team listen to the story unfold as you tell the narrator what you wish to do, and they tell you what you discover as you go. This experience is best for groups who enjoy laughing as much as they enjoy solving puzzles.

Cases: Surviving Summer Camp, The Lair, Breaching the Boss’s Office, The Old Dublin House, The Sofishticated Krillers

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Unsolved Mysteries

Our unsolved mysteries are completely independent experiences developed in-house. Cases that involve a variety of puzzles and an interactive website component. Some feature physical documents others are entirely online. This type of escape does not feature a live room host, and can be completed as soon as it is received.

Cases: A Chocolatier’s Eggxoneration, The Graduation Situation, Yeti or Not

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