What Is Sherlock's Escapes?

Sherlock’s Escapes provides a doorway into the exciting life of the world’s most popular consulting detective. Deductive reasoning, modern day cases with a Victorian theme, and a 60 minute time limit await you in this live action adventure. Do you have the wits to help us solve a case?


Enter escape game with your detective team


Explore surroundings
Communicate to make deductions


Solve the puzzles
Escape through last door
Celebrate victory

Help Us Solve a Case

All of our cases at Sherlock’s Escapes have a story that connects them together. If you’re interested in getting the full story as it unfolds, we recommend doing the cases in the order listed below*.
However, the order in which you solve the cases won’t affect your enjoyment or chance of success.

*The Brewer’s Folly has a separate story

A Culinary Pursuit

Armed with information from a previous case, we know of a secret meeting at Irene’s Kitchen apparently pertaining to Sherlock’s disappearance.  Help us storm the diner and get Sherlock back!

4 - 10 Detectives

60 Minutes

Escape Rate: 25%

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A Scandal in Kingston

Irene Adler is at it again!  Help us break into her apartment and snoop around for clues to where Sherlock has disappeared to.

2 - 6 Players

60 Minutes

Escape Rate: 18%

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The Doctor's Redemption

This case is available in French and English! Le premier cas mystère bilingue à l’agence!

Desperate times calls for desperate measures and we need some brave detectives to help in a jailbreak. This covert operation to Culverton’s Complex is bound to be risky.

2 - 7 Players

60 Minutes

Escape Rate: 30%

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The Brewer's Folly

Moriarty is back! Tom Schmidt, head brewmaster at Spearhead, has mysteriously disappeared and we suspect the infamous Jim Moriarty is behind this dastardly act.

This experience is located at Spearhead Brewery. It includes a 30 minute escape experience, a tour of the brewery and a 16oz Spearhead beer!

1 - 8 Players

60 Minutes

Escape Rate: 90%

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