How hard could it possibly be to delete an email?
A highly sensitive email was sent to your boss by accident.  Thankfully, they only deal with emails on their office computer.  That means you have roughly one hour to get into their building –> office –> computer.  Easy right?
Group Size: 3-9
Difficulty: 8/10

Thwart a missile attack… from underwater!!!
A motley crew of musical ruffians, the Sofishticated Krillers, are threatening to blow up your city.  Are you able to navigate to their underwater base and terminate the missile launch before it is too late?
Group Size: 3-9
Difficulty: 5/10

Are you this haunted manor’s next victim?
While investigating a mysterious message you get trapped in the basement of a dilapidated house on the outskirts of town.  Unearth and put to rest the Dublin family history before evil spirits collapse the manor with you in it.
Group Size:
Difficulty: 9/10

Will you save the day? Or need saving?
Your local paper is offering a staggering seven figure reward for the identity of the masked vigilante known as Agent X.  Dive into the world of vigilantes and villains, and hopefully manage to escape The Lair unscathed.
Group Size:

Will you prank, or be pranked?
Looks like detective camp started early this year.  Kids from the nearby rival camp have chosen you as their pranking target!  You better have your wits about you, or you’ll end up the butt of the joke all summer long.
Group Size:

Costs starting at $20.50 per person!

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For larger bookings:
It is possible to run groups of up to 45* people split up into multiple teams. Contact us for more information!

*Minimum two weeks notice on larger bookings to ensure staffing/availability.


Reviews & Testimonies

“In the middle of the night, your phone rings. You, Sherlock Holmes, are uncharacteristically perturbed. Giving in to your investigative senses, you realise that your friend and colleague, Watson, sent a rather sensitive email to the boss of the both of you….”

Joelyn Alexandra

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Lair and Surviving Summer Camp have been adapted with permission from Escape This Podcast