General Information

Our address is 298 Bagot St. between H.E.R. hair salon and Golden Viet-Thai restaurant. Upon seeing our door, you will see Sherlock’s Escapes Detective Agency. 

Our location only has street parking available and a parking lot a block away. However, because we are located in downtown Kingston, we’re easily accessible by walking or wheeling. We’re also a block away from the Kingston Transit Downtown Transfer Point.

Yes, all of our rooms are kid friendly. While there is no minimum age for our escape rooms, we recommend adults present for groups of kids 13 and under since there are word based puzzles that require logic and reading comprehension. 

Our space is set up like a detective agency with the lobby of the escape room being the lobby of the agency (which is also an escape room!). You’re welcome to stick around for a bit to chat with your room host about the room, however, there may be another group starting up their experience at the same time so please be mindful of others. 

Kingston Escape Rooms

The prices of our escape rooms vary depending on your age and how big your group is. There is a minimum booking fee of $82.50 plus tax for A Scandal in Kingston and The Doctor’s Redemption (equivalent to the price of three adults) and a minimum booking fee of $110 plus tax for A Culinary Pursuit (equivalent to the price of four adults). For groups of two (only allowed for Scandal and Doctor’s) each person would pay $41.25 plus tax. For groups of three or larger, adults (over the age of 18) pay $27.50 plus tax and kids, students, and military personnel pay $23.50 plus tax. 

For all online bookings, we require payment up front. For those who book over the phone, we require a deposit or full payment at the time of making the reservation. 

If the number of players changes, we can accommodate accordingly, however, that minimum booking fee will still apply.

Please arrive at our location within 15 minutes of your booking time and make sure to fill out the liability waiver sent to you with your confirmation email (this can be done at home). 

If players cannot make it to the escape room for non-emergency reasons, we will offer to reschedule your booking time. A phone call or email is expected BEFORE 24 hours of your booking to ensure that our staff are notified of the change. If players cannot make it to the escape room for emergency or weather related reasons, we expect a call or email 6 hours BEFORE your booking time to ensure that our staff are notified of the change. We will offer to reschedule the time of your booking at this time as well. 

If you and your group are not at our location by your booking time, our room hosts will contact the phone number or email on file after 5 minutes of the booking time to ensure that you are still coming. If not, and we did not receive a cancellation phone call or email in the time frames mentioned above, we will keep a cancellation fee of $35.

They are NOT! In fact, doing ANY escape room while intoxicated can be quite unsafe. If anyone in your group shows up intoxicated to your booking, your room host may ask you all to reschedule your booking to a time when everyone is sober. This is for the safety of our guests as well as our staff. If a booking is rescheduled or canceled for this reason, we will keep a re-booking/cancellation fee of $35

Sherlock always relied on his mind to solve mysteries and we expect the same of our detectives. None of our puzzles require force. Just a slight tug or push should do the trick IF you have the right combination or key. The use of force can cause locks or parts of puzzles to break so we always ask our guests to use their minds rather than their muscles to open a puzzle. 

If a guest is rough with a room and it causes a part of the room to break or malfunction, we will charge a MINIMUM $25 fee depending on the damage. Our staff will have to go above and beyond their regular duties to fix a broken part of a room to ensure that the next group can still have a good experience in the room. 

For those who don’t have much experience with escape rooms, we recommend starting out with The Doctor’s Redemption. While still a challenging room, it is our easiest room and one where communication and team work allow for a good chance of escape!

As of April 23rd, 2023, the case in which we host birthday parties, A Culinary Pursuit, is closed while we gather evidence on a new venture by the goons in Kingston. We will be working over the next weeks to create this experience for detectives, so we will not have a place where celebrations can take place. However, if you would like to do an escape room for a birthday activity, The Doctor’s Redemption will put new recruits through a training course that will set them up for success for future cases!

Absolutely! We’ve had many corporate groups come through as a way to build cohesion within their teams as well as youth sports groups looking to have a good team building experience before a competition. For large groups, please email us at or call at 613-344-0668 and we’ll be happy to give you all the information you need to set your team up for success! 

Virtual Escape Rooms

At Sherlock’s Escapes, we are all about solving mysteries. This remains true for our virtual escape rooms where players will be presented with a case and will be “placed” in a situation where they also have to escape. Everything takes place over Zoom with a room host who will walk you through the case. Players direct the host where to go and where to look in order to obtain clues that will help them solve the case and escape!

Similar to our physical escape rooms, our virtual rooms are charged per person at $20.50 plus tax. We require full payment before the virtual room takes place. 

If you are unable to travel to our physical location, or you have already done all of our physical escape rooms, our virtual escape rooms allow for groups of people in one or more households to come together to solve a case. Regardless of where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection and a computer with a webcam, you can help us solve one of our cases with your loved ones! 

We can host up to 45 players in our virtual rooms. Everyone will start the experience together while our room hosts cover the basics of virtual escape rooms and what to expect, then you will be broken up into groups of 5-9 people and divided up among our room hosts. Once in your respective “virtual rooms” the experience will begin and you have one hour to complete your mission and escape.

No, the room you will be escaping from doesn’t actually exist. Your room host will detail your surroundings to you, and then it is up to you to figure out how to escape those surroundings.

Not to worry. Your room host will also provide a map of your surroundings after explaining them to your group. This way you have something tangible to look at.

Treat it like normal life. If you want to go and investigate that bookcase over in the corner, tell the room host “I want to go investigate that bookcase”. But please note that if you ask to look at a bookcase, that is all you will do. If you ask to look at the right book on the bookcase as a result of some clue you got earlier, then more will be revealed. Pointed questions will get pointed answers! Be specific with your instructions.