We at Sherlock’s Escapes Detective Agency are hard at work taking care of cases in downtown Kingston. A crime ring has been terrorizing downtown businesses and we need your help to thwart their schemes. 

Grab your magnifying glass, friends and family, and come visit our downtown Kingston location at 298 Bagot St. for an escape room experience unlike any other! 

The Inspector's Golden Gambit

Coming June 7 – 2024

This new case will be available for booking as of June 5 for bookings starting on June 7!

A mission for true detectives!

The crime ring’s goons keep popping up at a new speakeasy bar…but it’s always closed! Can you help us infiltrate the new headquarters and find out who the ring leaders are? 

Group Size: 2-8

Detective Skills: Delegation and pattern recognition

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Break and Enter? Better be quick…

Irene has stolen a file containing sensitive information. You need to break into her apartment, retrieve it, and not get caught…but the situation is a bit more complicated than it sounds….

Group Size: 3-8

Detective Skills: Analysis and attention to detail

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