Virtual Escape Rooms

  • Our bread and butter experience
  • One live host per team for up to 5 teams
  • Up to 30 players in teams of 3-6 people

Unsolved Mysteries

  • An interesting twist on what escape rooms can be
  • Features a case file, website, and live assistance if needed
  • Up to 200 players in teams of 4-8 people


(Up to 30 Players)

  • Up to five teams of 3-6 players (30 participants)
  • 70 minute experience
  • Virtually hosted game using Zoom
  • Features Room Maps and Live Room Host
  • Larger bookings may require a minimum of 2 weeks notice to accommodate

Event Rundown

  1. Host introduces the game, rules, and story while our staff sort participants into their teams
  2. In groups of 3-6 players, teams enter breakout rooms with live hosts narrating their escape experience
  3. Teams escape (hopefully*), and reconnect in the lobby to debrief, share funny moments, and determine the smartest groups

*While we cannot guarantee a successful escape, we can promise a good time!

How Does It Work?

This game plays like an interactive radio drama. Players are given room maps and told the scenario they find themselves in. From there, they must give their host prompts as to what they would like to do. The narrator will then unveil what they discover, as they slowly unravel the case!


(Up to 200 Players)

Computer and notes in a circle illustration
  • Up to 200 participants in groups of 4-8 players
  • 60 – 90 minute experience
  • Virtually hosted game using Zoom
  • Features physical Case File (and hidden website)
  • Depending on casefile delivery method, we may require up to 3 weeks advance notice to ensure a smooth event

Event Rundown

  1. All participants receive a case file and are emailed a team specific invite to help solve the case.
  2. Our “acting lead detective” explains the rules and the story of the case at hand.
  3. Teams move to breakout rooms, and attempt to solve the case before time runs out.*
  4. All groups rejoin the lobby for a theatrical finish to the event explaining “whodunnit” and why.  Then of course, the celebration of the top/slowest times!!!

*While we cannot guarantee all groups solve the case, we can promise a good time (our hosts are available for hints and help as needed, and will check in on teams to make sure nobody is lost)!

How Does It Work?

This game is a classic “whodunnit”.
Players are given a case file containing clues and evidence, and must listen to the testimony of 9 suspects to find the truth. Players must use critical thinking and teamwork to eliminate suspects.
As teams solve the case and submit their answers, our hosts are notified of both correct and incorrect guesses as to the culprit.  We then provide assistance as needed and can later celebrate the winners at the game’s end.