Hello First Year Students!

Downtown Kingston welcomes you. There are so many fun activities you can do outside of bars and clubs! We have created this handy map for you that describes some of the highlights of our fair city.

Click here to view the map!

Sherlock's Escapes Logo

Sherlock's Escapes!

We would be remiss if we did not tell you about our adrenaline-packed, Detective-themed escape rooms, here in the heart of the downtown core. Come enjoy a jam-packed hour of puzzles, games and riddles…will you beat the clock and assist Sherlock and Dr. Watson before the villains escape? Click here to book now!

Minotaur Games & Gifts

Right downtown beside Sima Sushi and across from Tara Foods you’ll find a treasure chest of games and gamers! They have a multitude of events happening each week, from crafting workshops to games nights! Get involved by following them on Facebook @minotaurgamesandgifts

Minotaur Games

Kingston Pen Tours

The Kingston Penitentiary Tour

The Kingston “Pen”, as the locals call it, is no longer an active prison. But it is actively taking in visitors from all over the world! As the oldest prison in Canada, this former colonial hub held theives, scoundrels, and, well, anyone who was deemed unworthy of freedom in the new colonies.

The Pier!

Queen’s University is one of the only schools in the world with a fresh water beach right at it’s feet! Jump into the water this September with your pals! The sun is shining, the lake is fresh and clear…ahhh…Kingston’s where it’s at.

Peer Kingston summer waterfront