The Lair

Very challenging escape room with viking helmet and world map
  • 3-9 players (4-6 players recommended)
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Perfect for escaping social isolation… of course that is provided you manage to make it out of The Lair alive to tell the tale.
  • 70 minute experience
  • Internet connection required
  • Virtually hosted game using Zoom
  • Contains some violent themes, parental discretion advised
  • Only $20.50 CAD per person!

The Story

Who is Agent X, Masked Vigilante and freelancer for Sherlock’s Escape Detective Agency? That’s what you’ll need to find out in order to collect the very generous 7-figure reward. Luckily, you have figured out where their secret lair is located! Now unmasking this crime fighter is as simple as taking that rickety, old elevator down to his lair and revealing their identity. Or is it?

Are you ready to dive right into this world of vigilantes and villains to unravel their secrets and mysteries?

About the Experience

This experience is virtual.

Join our room host in an online call, and allow them to immerse you in a virtual escape room. Multiple households can join the same call so you can play together!

Plays like a normal escape room, and is scheduled for 70 minutes to allow for adjusting to the virtual world.

To inquire about booking an experience, click the “Book Now” button below, you will be re-directed to a contact form. Select “Group bookings” under “What are you inquiring about?” section of the form.