As we contemplate the inestimable talents and skills of our Moms, in the lead-up to Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 12 this year!) we find ourselves reminded of the world’s most famous Detective, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s literary figure, Sherlock Holmes.

Consider this statement, recently made by a new mother we know and love: “It’s easy to be a Mom! All you need to do is predict the future and see through walls!” While we are tempted to assign these talents to a superhero, perhaps someone more scientific “in nature” warrants comparison..

The fictional character Sherlock Holmes was a Consulting Detective, the world’s first and only, as he oft reminded his friend Dr. John Watson. Detectives employ their powers of deduction in the service of solving crime cases, and indeed, mothers throughout the world do the same.

Case in Point

A container of cookies languishes in the corner of a Mother’s kitchen counter, untouched all day, until she notices, at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, that it is no longer flush against the wall. In another room, she hears shouts from her two children, and the word “NO!” coming loudly from her eldest. Without needing to look, she calls out to her offspring, firmly remonstrating her eldest for his apparent inability to share, or wait for supper. Mentally she calculates how many cookies are left, knowing her son took 3 in total, and texts her husband to pick up ice cream on his way home as dessert, now, will need to be supplemented. Case solved, as Sherlock would say, almost without thought.

Mothers also seem to look keenly and accurately into the future. Who is the one in the family who packs an extra pair of socks and a change of shirt into the diaper or travel bag when visiting Grandma? Why, the same woman who knows of her own mother’s penchant for watermelon which are indeed currently in season.

Who is it that ensures that umbrellas and jackets are on hand, even though the sun is shining and her children assure her they are hot…far too hot for extra clothing…until the sky opens up and pours a chill Spring rain upon their exposed heads?

Who is it that saunters about the room when visiting friends while saying hellos, picking up all fragile objects and jars of facial cream and putting them casually on the uppermost shelves of the rooms bookcases and cupboards?

A Plethora of Skills

Mothers are not only the providers and protectors of their kids, they are the caterers, launderers and educators. At every point in their day, they are aware of the contents of every hamper, cupboard and stomach in her purview…and these contents fluctuate wildly throughout the day and week!

Certainly Sherlock would be impressed by the wealth of knowledge that mothers possess, which is why we invite you to join us on this coming Mother’s Day weekend.

Everyone who brings their household’s Sherlock with them will receive a 10% discount when booking for 4 people or more. What is the level of YOUR ability to see through walls and predict the future? Match yourself against your capable, skilled, and brilliant Mom!

Best of all, Escape Rooms foster exactly the kind of collaborative, hilarious bonding moment that your Mom absolutely adores. Make her the happiest of Mother’s by booking an escape experience today!

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