After four years, our longest running case, A Culinary Pursuit closed on April 23rd, 2023. This case challenged and entertained thousands of detectives who came through the Sherlock’s Escapes Detective Agency. We have had a great time hosting this experience for so many in our community. 









At first, we were tempted to re-vamp the room, similar to how we just re-vamped A Scandal in Kingston. However, with new storylines in the mix, our creative juices were flowing and we decided to create a completely new experience. Stay tuned for more…

With the tear down of a room come a lot of memories. Not just on how the room was built and how it evolved over the years, but how so many have interacted with the room, highlighting lessons that we learned as well as unforgettable things that guests did when they were in the room. 

The biggest lesson learned was to NOT put food in an escape room. No matter how many times room hosts emphasized NOT cooking the pasta or the rice, reverse psychology plays a role and guests often expected a clue to be hidden in cooked pasta. This led to unique room cleanup and reset. Another lesson is, chalkboard instructions are not the most durable. One of the puzzles in Culinary involved a recipe written on a chalkboard, but when guests write their own recipe, it makes it more difficult to solve the puzzle.

Among the fondest memories are what people will do for extra time. The most memorable being guests doing the “chicken dance” to get a few more minutes to be able to finish the room. Some detectives will go the extra mile to get to the end of the case. 

Speaking of the end of the case….When we started to brainstorm ideas for the new case, we decided to place a sneak peek of the new case at the end of A Culinary Pursuit. Some of you may have spotted it at the end of the room. 



Needless to say, A Culinary Pursuit afforded us many memories and will live on in Sherlock’s Escapes history. Thank you to all detectives who took on this case.