The Puzzling Disappearance of Sherlock

Disaster has befallen the agency! Sherlock Holmes is missing, and has been for quite some time. We suspect that his arch nemesis, the world’s only “consulting criminal”, Jim Moriarty must have something to do with it. Our notion currently is that we must break into the Moriarty Photo Lab, and root around for clues to Sherlock’s disappearance.

The Photo Lab

Thanks to some daring detective work, we have discovered that Moriarty does not have a clue where Sherlock is. In fact, he infiltrated one of his henchmen (Sebastian Moran) into Irene Adler’s inner circle trying to get information about Sherlock’s whereabouts. The only lady to ever best Sherlock in a battle of the wits, Irene has been known to hold a particular sway over Sherlock and his actions. Rumour has it that Moran is uncovering a secret meeting that Irene is having with her criminal gang, and this meeting’s purpose is to discuss

A Culinary Pursuit

Armed with information from the previous case, we know of a secret meeting at Irene’s Kitchen, apparently pertaining to Sherlock’s disappearance.  Help us storm the diner and get Sherlock back!

BUT WAIT!  Something has tipped them off.  Can you and your group chase through Irene’s kitchen and catch up with these villains to grill them for information on Sherlock’s disappearance?

A Scandal in Kingston

Irene Adler is at it again!  We already suspect her of having something to do with Sherlock’s disappearance.  Now we know that she has a covert apartment
located in Kingston.  Help us break in, and snoop around for clues to where Sherlock has disappeared to.

We need to be stealthy but also quick.  Sherlock’s Escapes detective agency can’t afford to wait for the slow grind of the police, but also cannot get caught in the act of illegal entry into the apt.

The Doctor's Redemption

Expectations were high after the discovery of Irene’s apartment. Unfortunately, our villain threw us a curve-ball and we discovered that another valued member of our detective agency is in trouble. Desperate times call for desperate measures and we need some brave detectives to help in a jailbreak.

This covert operation is bound to be risky so make sure you bring your thinking caps and magnifying glass as we plan a rescue out of Culverton’s Complex.