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Let's Get 'Em Talking!

So, you’re getting married or planning a large party, and you love escape rooms. Well, aren’t we just a match made in heaven! Not only do we have a series of fun puzzles that can be completed by multiple guests at one time, we have a dramatic narrative theme that will give your guests discussion fodder for the rest of the night.

Gone are the days when your in-laws are eyeing each other up and making small talk about the weather. With our Sherlock’s Escapes portable escape experience, you’ll have your guests sleuthing and schmoozing faster than you can say “Elementary!”

How to book 'em!

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Option 1: "No Honour Among Thieves"

Detectives, there’s been a jewel heist! All suspected thieves have been detained. However, they all deny taking anything. Without any evidence, the suspects will soon be released. We’ve been recruited to help find who is hiding the jewels. The thieves have most likely given the jewels to the thief who didn’t leave any evidence behind. By solving each puzzle, you will find evidence against each criminal. By process of elimination, you should be able to deduce which thief is hiding the jewels.

  • This game can be played in any environment
  • We can support a wedding of any size
  • 30-75 mins are needed to complete the game
Sherlock's Escapes Pop up escape room at Skeleton Park Arts Festival

Option 2: "The Finding of Sherlock!"

Sherlock is missing, but he’s left clues as to where he could have gone. Work together to connect the dots and solve a case in a delightful, traditional escape game experience.

  • This tent can be erected outdoors or indoors
  • We can support a wedding of any size
  • 15-30 mins are needed to complete the game
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