Yeti or Not!

  • A unique game that you play from home!
  • 1+ players (2-4 players recommended)
  • 80 – 200 minute experience
  • We ship or deliver this experience right to your front door!
  • Internet connection required
  • Family friendly – give it as a gift or take the case yourself

Cost: $20 CAD + HST per game

The Story

An unknown assailant is terrorizing the citizens of Sweetglen! Local Sheriff Frost informs us that he has uncovered a string of crimes he believes may somehow be connected. Eyewitness reports claim that a yeti has been assaulting their frosted village, but the Sheriff suspects something else may be going on…

Sheriff Frost has reached out via a strange letter asking for immediate assistance!  With nine suspects to investigate (and the threat of large-footed individuals), we are seeking to recruit you to Sherlock’s Detective Agency to solve this case!

About the Experience

This is a unique new experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. After you’ve purchased the game, you will be asked for your address so we can deliver or ship the game to you. All you need to solve this case is an internet connection – and your wits! This is a great family-friendly puzzle suitable for all ages. Work in a team, or better yet, take the case on solo!

To purchase, use the button below. You will need to make sure you select the ‘Add-On’. You will also need to select a date in order to proceed, even though it has no effect.