Physical Escape Rooms

A Culinary Pursuit

A Culinary Persuit Sherlocks Escapes Escape Room Kingston
  • 4 – 10 players allowed
  • 5 – 6 players recommended
  • 60 minute experience
  • Located at Sherlock’s Escapes (298B Bagot St.)
  • No climbing involved
  • Family friendly – great for all ages!

The Story

Armed with information from the previous case, we know of a secret meeting at Irene’s Kitchen apparently pertaining to Sherlock’s disappearance. Help us storm the diner and get Sherlock back!​

BUT WAIT! Something has tipped them off. Can you and your group chase through Irene’s Kitchen and catch up with these villains to grill them for information on Sherlock’s disappearance?

About the Room

This is the perfect case to crack if you have a larger group! A Culinary Pursuit is our largest experience and is packed full of puzzles of all types. As with all of our cases, it is a family and kid friendly experience. All areas of the experience are relatively well lit, with no need for climbing or crawling. This is currently the first case in our series, so if you’re looking to get the full story on Sherlock’s whereabouts in order we recommend you start here.

The Doctor's Redemption

The Doctors Redemption Sherlock's Escapes Escape room Kingston
  • 3 – 7 players allowed*
  • 4 – 6 players recommended
  • 60 minute experience
  • Bilingual: French and English available
  • Located at Sherlock’s Escapes (298B Bagot St.)
  • No climbing, may involve some small obstacles
  • Some dimly lit areas
  • Family friendly as always!

*This experience can be played with 2 people, but the cost for the experience is the same as for 3 people

The Story

Expectations were high after the discovery of Irene’s apartment. Unfortunately, our villain threw us a curve-ball and we discovered that another valued member of our detective agency is in trouble.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and we need some brave detectives to help in a jailbreak.

This covert operation is bound to be risky so make sure you bring your thinking caps and magnifying glass as we plan a rescue out of Culverton’s Complex.

About the Room

Bilingual: French and English!

Le premier cas mystère bilingue à l’agence!

The Doctor’s Redemption is our newest case on the hunt for Sherlock. This experience has a heavy focus on collaboration and communication. Some areas are dimly lit and require maneuvering around obstacles. Come test your skills in this exciting new adventure!

A Scandal in Kingston

Currently Unavailable

A Scandal in Kingston Sherlocks Escapes Escape room Kingston
  • 2 – 6 players allowed
  • 3 – 5 players recommended
  • 60 minute experience
  • Located at Sherlock’s Escapes (298B Bagot St.)
  • May involve climbing, although alternatives are available
  • Family friendly – great for all ages!

The Story

Irene Adler is at it again!  We already suspect her to have something to do with Sherlock’s disappearance.  Now we know that she has a secret apartment located in Kingston.  Help us break in and snoop around for clues to where Sherlock has disappeared to.

We need to be stealthy but also quick.  Sherlock’s Escapes detective agency can’t afford to wait for the slow grind of the police but also cannot get caught in the act of illegal entry into the apartment.

About the Room

This is a great experience for new and experienced detectives alike! A Scandal in Kingston offers a mix of puzzles that are exciting and challenging. As with all of our cases, it is a family and kid friendly experience. While our intention is never to scare or frighten our guests, there may be some areas that are dimly lit. As well, there may be spots where climbing is involved. If you are uncomfortable at any point, we always have a workaround available.

The Brewer's Folly

Currently Unavailable

Spearhead Brewing Company Brewers Folly Event Sherlocks Escapes Escaperoom kingston
  • Up to 8 players allowed per experience
  • Bookings of 6 people or more are private experiences
  • Groups of less than 6 may be joined by other groups, or you may join an existing group
  • 30 minute escape room
  • Free tour of Spearhead Brewery
  • Free pint of Spearhead beer (or soft drink)
  • Located at Spearhead Brewery (map)
  • Family friendly – must be legal drinking age to receive free beer

The Story

Tom Schmidt, head brewmaster at Spearhead, has mysteriously disappeared. We suspect the infamous Jim Moriarty is behind this dastardly act.

While Tom’s safety is of paramount importance to us, there is a complication – he’s hidden his brewing recipes away and the rest of the staff desperately need them if they have any hopes of delivering delicious new beer to this fine city. Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery?

About the Room

This is our newest case and it’s a special one! We’ve joined forces with Spearhead Brewery to deliver this experience. It includes a free 16oz Spearhead beer, a tour of the brewing facility and a 30 minute escape (inside the brewery!). All ages are welcome, however the free beer is only for those of legal drinking age. The brewery is well lit and the escape experience doesn’t involve any climbing or crawling. Once you’re done, stick around in Spearhead’s taproom and enjoy some of their delicious brews on tap.