Sherlock Holmes has gone missing.  Without our lead sleuth, the detective agency is struggling, so come in and do an escape room with us.  Each game is based around helping us find Sherlock Holmes, and unique to our brand, each escape room builds off the last one.  So if you are an escape room enthusiast like us, play Culinary Pursuit first, then Scandal in Kingston, and finally Doctor’s Redemption… although they can realistically be played in any order.

If you can’t stand the heat…
You attempt to trap Irene Adler and her goons at her restaurant, but someone tips them off.  Are you smart enough and fast enough to catch up with them to interrogate them about Sherlock’s disappearance?
Group Size: 4-10
Difficulty: 7/10

Break and Enter? Better be quick…
Irene has a secret apartment here in Kingston.  While she is occupied, you have a one hour window to snoop around and find clues to Sherlock’s disappearance.  Just don’t get caught inside her apartment!
Group Size: 3-6
Difficulty: 8/10

A good ole jailbreak!
Apparently disaster strikes twice. Not only is Sherlock missing, but now another valuable member of the team is kidnapped.  Well… no detective is left behind, so time for you to start a covert rescue mission.
Group Size: 3-7
Difficulty: 6/10