A Culinary Pursuit

  • 4 – 10 players allowed
  • 5 – 6 players recommended
  • 60 minute experience
  • Located at Sherlock’s Escapes (298B Bagot St.)
  • No climbing involved
  • Family friendly – great for all ages!
  • $27.50 for adults (13+)
  • $23.50 for kids, military personnel, and students.

The Story

Armed with information from the previous case, we know of a secret meeting at Irene’s Kitchen apparently pertaining to Sherlock’s disappearance. Help us storm the diner and get Sherlock back!‚Äč

BUT WAIT! Something has tipped them off. Can you and your group chase through Irene’s Kitchen and catch up with these villains to grill them for information on Sherlock’s disappearance?

About the Room

This is the perfect case to crack if you have a larger group! A Culinary Pursuit is our largest experience and is packed full of puzzles of all types. As with all of our cases, it is a family and kid friendly experience. All areas of the experience are relatively well lit, with no need for climbing or crawling. This is currently the first case in our series, so if you’re looking to get the full story on Sherlock’s whereabouts in order we recommend you start here.