The Inspector's Golden Gambit

About This Experience

2 – 8 players allowed*

  • 4-6 players recommended
  • 60 minute experience
  • No climbing
  • Some dimly lit areas
  • Family friendly as always!
  • $29.50 for adults (16+)
  • $25.50 for kids, military personnel, and students.

*While this experience can be played with 2 people, the cost for the experience is the same as for 3 people

The Story

Just hours ago, Chief Detective Lestrade of the Kingston Police Department thought he had cracked a career-defining case. Millions of dollars in gold bullion recovered from a daring robbery, four suspects swiftly apprehended… accolades and promotions seemed inevitable. But now, the suspects have mysteriously vanished from their cells, and the gold is missing. It must be an inside job!

Join us for an undercover jail cell-themed detective escape room experience that’s kid-friendly and teamwork-oriented. Who knows… perhaps you’ll even get to keep some of the gold!

About the Room:

A challenge for everyone. Novices need to escape a jail cell and determine where the gold has been stashed in the police precinct. Escape room experts can tackle the additional task of uncovering the crooked cop. Secrecy is REQUIRED!