Digital Live-Action Experiences

Sherlock’s Escapes has partnered up with 6 AM Productions and Moniker Partners to create a virtual murder mystery – Love In The First Degree. Featuring a talented cast of 8 live actors, and the ability to host up to 100 participants at once, our newest collaboration is guaranteed to keep you enthralled for its 2+ hour duration.

Set in 1987, you find yourself at a lavish wedding gone horribly wrong – someone’s been murdered! Now you must work with the other guests seated at your (virtual) table to solve the mystery by answering the two most important questions: who did it? And why? Break out from your table to interrogate the suspects around the virtual mansion, and then report back to your team to discuss your findings.


Designed to be the perfect team building experience, this event can be scheduled to fit your needs. If you are interested in booking or finding out more, please email us at The experience requires a minimum of 32 people but is recommended for 50-100 participants. All your participants need is an internet connection and Zoom.

Smaller Groups

While this experience requires at least 32 people to play, it is broken down into smaller tables of 8-10 people. Should you be interested in playing but don’t have a massive network to play with, join our emailing list specifically designed for alerting you to when we are hosting the experience for the public in just tables of 8-10 people.