Sometimes you want to do an escape room but your homies are abroad. Or your family is scattered all around the country. Or you have a company that’s entirely online and your team works remotely but you still want to do a team building event. 

This is where Virtual Escape Rooms come to the rescue. Like “in person” escape rooms, these take many forms. Some virtual escape rooms have a host walking through a physical escape room with a camera so that you can see the room. You then instruct the host on what to do and where to explore. Ours are a bit different. 

At Sherlock’s Escapes, we use Zoom to present you with a case/mission and a digital picture of what you need to explore. You then use your imagination to investigate everything in the room. Telling your host where to go, you start revealing some clues, some puzzles, and a lot of opportunities for laughter and banter. As you explore and solve puzzles, you are presented with new rooms (also in digital picture form) and keep going until you complete the mission or time runs out. 

As always, our virtual escape rooms are full of storytelling and engaging puzzles. What makes these experiences even more unique is that, with the power of imagination, we can make extraordinary things happen on the case. If you’ve ever played Dungeons and Dragons, you have an idea of the potential for fun and adventure. Our virtual rooms are a great experience for all ages and any setting.