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Corporate Events

Planning a work event? Sherlock's Escapes is perfect for staff socials, corporate team building or just some extra entertainment for your event. Imagine a customized escape experience at Spearhead Brewery! We offer multi-room bookings for large groups, team building exercises, or let us bring our portable escape room to your event!

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Birthday Parties

Make it an extra special birthday by booking with Sherlock's Escapes! A big hit for kids of all ages, come take on an escape room and celebrate with cake and presents after. We can even create custom invitations! While we can host the pizza or cake party afterwards, we recommend you bring all necessary items. More info here!

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School/Youth Groups

Looking for a field trip idea that is both fun and educational? Look no further! With multi-room bookings, not only will the students be able to apply their problem solving, communication and collaborative skills by completing an escape room - they'll also get to flex their creative muscles by designing their very own escape room!


Build your own escape room Sherlock's Escapes Kingston

Ever wanted to step into the shoes of a Games Master? With Sherlock’s Escapes Build Your Own Escape Room, you can do just that! Designing puzzles is the perfect blend of creativity and logic to give both sides of your brain a workout. We split everyone into groups and have each group (secretly!) piece together a series of puzzles with the guidance of one of our Games Masters. Then you get to watch as another group tries to unravel your mystery! Great for classrooms, field trips and team building.

Contact us or give us at call at 613-344-0668.

Multi-room Bookings at Sherlocks Escapes Events

Our experiences have a limit on the number of people that they can accommodate, but that doesn’t mean large groups have to miss out! We are able to run all of our experiences simultaneously, so we can just split your group up and everyone can enjoy an escape room. This works especially well when combined with our Build Your Own Escape Room experience, so you get a chance to try out one of our escape rooms and then put your knowledge to the test by building a mini one yourselves!

Contact us or give us at call at 613-344-0668.

Our Portable Escape Room

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Have an event coming up? Our portable escape room is the perfect addition to any gathering. This 5-7 minute escape room puts its detectives to the test, and will surely leave them with much to talk about afterwards! This portable is perfect for weddings, public events, Stag and Does, schools, festivals, family reunions, fundraisers and more! Affordable and unique, consider a hint of mystery and fun for your next event!

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Custom Experiences

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Looking to create a jaw-dropping experience? We could have you doing an escape room in a brewery where you get a pint of beer, food to nibble on, and a tour of the brewery. Not custom enough? We can build you a tailor made experience from the ground up! Whether you’re looking to run a recurring event or you’re setting up a corporate retreat and you want to build a bespoke puzzle and escape experience for your team, we can do that!

Contact us or give us at call at 613-344-0668.

We are a proud member of the Kingston Wedding and Event Providers!
If you have a special day coming up and you love puzzles and games, connect with us about our Portable Escape Experience!